1. Katia · April 16, 2018

    Love it! And love that you joined me on the hawaiian adventure – wish I ate more garlic shrimp though.

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    • thefidgetyfoodie · April 16, 2018

      Take one for the team and bring some shrimp back from California please! Oh and some mole while you’re at it ☺️


  2. Zach · April 17, 2018

    Funny. I’ve only been to Hawaii once when I was five. All I remember is how much I disliked the food, but after reading your blog, I realize how much my tastes have changed, and how much I would totally grub on this. Poke and poke-flavored-ice-cream…hell yes!! Thanks TFF!


  3. thefidgetyfoodie · April 22, 2018

    Poke-flavoured ice cream? Now that’s a taste sensational I’d love to try!


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